PMSE SA’s services include consulting, guidance and support for both  individuals and groups in difficult circumstances in order to clarify the situation and to provide independent and neutral mediation.


Crisis Unit and Confidential Hotline

A Crisis Unit can be created at the request of the company to provide emergency psychological support to employees and executive staff. The unit can be set up following a serious, urgent and potentially traumatic event that causes suffering to a team or individual, such as a work accident or the announcement of the sudden death of a colleague.

In response to an individual request regarding psychological or physical injury, a non-judgemental “listening space” can be offered to employees. This Confidential Hotline, managed by PMSE SA, offers the company professional health experts to provide support in difficult psychological situations.

Added value

  • Sets up an external, neutral and confidential listening space
  • PMSE SA’s neutrality creates credibility and trust
  • Reduces post-traumatic stress
  • Reduces post-traumatic risk
  • Avoids decrease in concentration and reduced productivity

Health workshops on stress / work-life balance / mental health / harassment / overwork

Workshops organised by PMSE SA for groups of individuals facing a common health problem that requires understanding or a change in behaviour, with or without therapeutic support.

Added value

  • Increases motivation and productivity as a result of greater employee trust in management
  • Improves relations between employees, and relations within the company as a result
  • Reduces costs related to absenteeism, illness, accidents, and physical and psychological problems

Support for individuals in difficult circumstances, workplace reintegration

At the request of the company and / or social organisations (OAI, Swiss Disability Insurance Office; OFAS, Swiss Social Insurance Federal Office; pension funds; insurers), an occupational healthcare specialist from PMSE SA supports the employee(s) in difficult circumstances, whether they may be due to health, addiction, social problems, conflicts, absence, employees with physical or psychological disabilities, or reintegration for example.

Added value

  • Clarification of the situation and PMSE SA’s independence generate credibility and trust
  • Improves employee health and well-being and increases productivity and concentration
  • Reduces hours lost to individuals in difficult circumstances