Companies can influence the health of employees positively by providing individual and collective health-promotion measures in the workplace.

These actions provide information and raise awareness amongst employees so that they can make informed choices and choose whether they want to make a change. The teaching and facilitation methods are based on the principles of interactivity and shared experience, as well as individual experimentation.

PMSE SA’s Pro-de-Sens® awareness programmes are part of a new way of addressing prevention by putting the focus on people and giving them the key to change their own behaviour.


Health workshops

Employee awareness programmes for staying in shape.

Amongst the collective and interactive measures, employees will find a wide range of tips, ideas and documents on healthy living topics.

These workshops are also available in e-learning format and can be accompanied by individual coaching.

The overall aim is to provide an information forum where everybody can get involved personally, get motivated and feel responsible for their own health.

The topics in the health workshops include:

  • Health capital
  • Quitting smoking
  • Stress management
  • Recharging your batteries on a daily basis
  • Getting and staying physically active
  • A balanced diet and its pitfalls

Added value

  • Increases motivation and productivity as a result of greater employee confidence in management
  • Effective and efficient method
  • Pragmatic approach based on experience
  • Improves climate between employees and, as a result, within the company
  • Reduces costs related to absenteeism, illness, accidents, and physical and psychological problems

Pro-de-Sens® awareness programmes

Specific prevention and awareness programmes related to workplace health are developed for:

  • Skills acquisition
  • Behavioural change
  • Accountability in the workplace
  • Team facilitation using tools for managers

Some examples of Pro-de-Sens®:

  • Alcohol: makes alcohol a subject that employees and their managers can openly discuss.
  • Addiction: designed to make participants aware of the spiral of addiction / dependency so that they can spot their addictive behaviour that may be real or potential, and avoid the pitfalls.
  • Psychological health at work: gives employees the key to change behaviour themselves, so that they can create a healthy balance for themselves.
  • Cashiers: a means for acquiring skills that enable individuals to make appropriate ergonomic decisions on a daily basis at their work stations.

Added value

  • Rooted in the field with practical tools
  • Spreads health concepts so people can acquire the basics
  • A change dynamic that promotes independence and cooperation
  • Openness to discussion on health topics that are often sensitive
  • Accountability rather than blame, at all levels

Training health professionals in the use of Pro-de-Sens® tools

Training corporate health professionals (human resources, occupational health doctors, nurses, safety officers) in the use of Pro-de-Sens® programmes in order to raise awareness amongst and inform employees in their company via a pragmatic and experimental approach.

Added value

  • Disseminates good occupational health practice
  • Strengthens the implementation of health promotion initiatives in the workplace
  • Supports professionals in their awareness raising via relevant tools