Attention !:  Even if you find multiple information in the Internet, it does not replace a diagnosis by a physician. 

Directory of Swiss doctors and hospitals:

Answers to your questions, information on even the most sensitive issues. These websites are dedicated to your health:

Questions on your health insurance premiums, advice and premium comparison:


Swiss Samaritans of Swiss Red Cross:
Swiss Business Federation:
Federation of Swiss Building Companies (in French and German):
Promotion Santé Suisse (in French and German):
Union patronal Suisse (In French and German):
Swiss society of occupational medicine:


Swiss federation of physicians (in French, German and Italian):
Directory of Swiss doctors and hospitals:
Addiction Suisse (in French, German and Italian):
Information on the flu & (In French, German and Italian)
Institut National de Prévention et d’Education pour la Santé (in French):
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute:


Federal Office of Public Health:
Federal Office for Migration:
AVS / AI(In French, German and Italian):
The Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety FCOS:
Federal law – Internal laws: Health – Employment – Social security:
Swiss Confederation – Secretary of State of Economic Affairs – Health and safety executive:


Institute for Work and Health:
Swiss Accident Insurance Fund – Suva:
Swiss federation of psychiatrists (in French, German and Italian):
Swiss association of institutions of social actions(in French, German and Italian):
Compasso – vocational rehabilitation – information portal for employers (in French, German and Italian):