PMSE SA safeguards the human potential of a company by operating on-site in the workplace. Partnership working is achieved by adhering to ethical values and professional standards, including data protection, neutrality and professional confidentiality.

PMSE SA’s services include consulting, support, guidance and training in health maintenance and prevention as well as absence monitoring and management (for both individuals and groups). The aim is to empower people to take responsibility for their own health and the health of others so that they can safeguard their health capital

Healthcare Service

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Supporting employees who are absent from work

When an employee is absent from work due to illness or accident, a PMSE SA healthcare specialist provides expert confidential support so that they can return to work.

Added value

  • Reduces frequency of absences due to illness and accident
  • Reduces hours lost to staff illness and accidents
  • Improves employee health and well-being

Health checks and interviews tailored to individual profiles

Specific interviews aimed at all employees, older staff, young workers and new employees, and, as necessary, for staff healthcare contracts.

Depending on the outcome of the assessment, the individual may be directed to go for a medical examination.

Health checks, executive check-ups and cardiovascular screening using high-performance resources in technical facilities with expert practitioners.

Added value

  • Improves employee health and well-being together with reduced absenteeism
  • Empowers responsibility for personal and collective health
  • Commits employees to healthcare plan
  • Detects underlying health problems, provides guidance before situation results in absences

Health zone with Health Line

On-site in the company in the form of a dedicated room and / or hotline to build the health vision in the heart of the workplace with management and employees.

Added value

  • Tailors role of health in workplace to individual companies
  • Improves employee health and well-being
  • Improves image of management among employees
  • PMSE neutrality generates credibility and trust