Corporate Health Management (CHM) involves asking executive staff how responsibility for occupational health is shared and how it can be promoted to develop a healthy company.

The overall assessment of company health, together with executive training in Corporate Health Management, creates a dynamic that combines health and safety. The aim is to develop corporate synergy between management and all employees.


Management training for introducing the concept of a Corporate Health and Safety strategy

Team building with top managers to improve performance by introducing the concept of a Corporate Health and Safety strategy.

Added value

  • Energises company’s health and safety decision strategies
  • Defines monitoring and control indicators for executive staff and management
  • Supports coordination of health and safety concept
  • Consolidates efficiency of the health project and obtains results

Executive training for Corporate Health and Safety management

Executive training that is aligned with current management principles and the new approach to tackling illness and prevention; puts the focus on people by giving them the key to change behaviour themselves.

Added value

  • Supports senior staff in terms of leadership and coordination
  • Training in a policy for preventing absenteeism
  • Helps with in-house communication and developing guidelines in conjunction with Human Resources
  • Strengthens management dialogue and human relations
  • Reduces frequency and severity of occupational accidents
  • Strengthens social, financial and management dialogue

Overall Health and Safety assessment; assessment focusing on a specific theme or environment

Analysis focusing on the data review of the company in terms of health and / or analysis carried out in collaboration with occupational safety specialists and occupational health doctors using a method recognised by the law (MSST – Doctors and Other Specialists in Occupational Safety).

Added value

  • Establishes collective review of corporate health
  • Raises awareness amongst executive staff and management about health issues in their company
  • Anticipates individual or collective health problems in the company