Repeated absence from work due to illness or accident; high turnover on a particular work station; employee complaints about difficult work conditions; excessive fatigue; back or joint problems… these are all often indicative of ergonomics issues at the work station.

An ergonomic analysis of the station and its environment improves understanding of the reasons for complaints and ailments. It can also suggest what measures should be taken to ensure that an employee’s health does not deteriorate, and thus avoid long-term absences.

An in-depth study can be undertaken during work station design to prevent these problems from occurring.


Ergonomically designed work stations

An ergonomist from PMSE SA helps to design new, ergonomic work stations using a systematic and participatory approach.

Added value

  • Leverages PMSE SA’s specific expertise and skills
  • Preventive solution before posture problems reduce performance at work and / or cause long-term absences
  • Develops a sense of critical observation in everyone regarding the way they are at their work station

Ergonomic analysis and modification of work stations

Ergonomic analysis of existing work stations. Work station ergonomically modified to suit a particular situation (morphology, disability, etc.). Support for implementing measures

Added value

  • Identifies various causes of back pain
  • Individual measures for improving the well-being and comfort of employees at their work stations
  • Increases understanding of adverse effects of poor posture at the work station

On-site training to optimise postures and movement techniques, and on how to use available equipment

On-site training for optimising the work environment. Group training in “Movement and Posture”, Cashiers Pro-de-Sens and MSD, and monitor work

Added value

  • Pragmatic approach based on experience
  • Informs and raises awareness amongst staff regarding technical, human and hardware components that influence comfort and well-being at the work station
  • Reduces long-term absences
  • Improves concentration and productivity at work