PMSE SA caters for Swiss companies and offers a comprehensive concept of occupational health. Its mission is:

  1. To create a combined health and safety dynamic within companies.
  2. To empower people’s personal and professional responsibility for their own health and the health of others in order to safeguard their health capital.
  3. To promote health and participate in public health for reintegrating employees into the workplace (in the context of the sixth AI (Swiss Disability Insurance) reform).
  4. To anticipate health problems for the employee and employer.
  5. Construire un partenariat avec la direction et chaque collaborateur en termes de santé au sein de l’entreprise.

To build a health partnership with management and every employee in the company. PMSE SA operates locally in the workplace, resulting in a more resilient organisation with greater employee commitment. A value chain is also created in the company that enhances its image amongst its customers. 
PMSE and the company are bound by a Code of Ethics and Collaboration..

” Corporate social responsibility refers to companies that contribute to society as a whole through their activities, social investment and philanthropic programmes as well as their political commitment.

The way a company manages its economic, social and environmental relations, together with the manner in which it engages with all interested parties (shareholders, staff, customers, business partners, governments and local communities), has an impact on its long-term success.

World Economic Forum, 2000

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